Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch

Case Studies

How do you continue to create brand love for Air New Zealand, while raising awareness of the Economy Skycouch?

Our Approach

Bloggers Club teamed up with much loved Kiwi internet star How to DAD and Air New Zealand together to create ‘How to fly with a baby”, a light-hearted and entertaining video that talks to the difficulty of travelling with little ones, while highlighting the benefit or an  Air New Zealand Skycouch in the process.


The video was very popular, with a Facebook reach of 25 million from when How to DAD first posted the video and an additional 10 million when Air New Zealand re-purposed the post later. They were also able to leverage How to DAD’s international audience to increase their own international brand awareness and break into a new audience segment.


When Ryan Gosling voiced his difficulties of flying with his children, Air New Zealand re-shared the video, showing how topical, shareable and memorable How to DAD’s videos are.


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