Chelsea Sugar ANZAC Baking

Case Studies

To inspire New Zealander’s to get baking with Chelsea products, Bloggers Club worked with key food and lifestyle influencers in the lead up to and over ANZAC weekend – a popular time for brand sales.

Our Approach
To generate a desirability around baking, we recruited a team of 12 lifestyle and food influencers to create recipes with a spin on the traditional ANZAC Cookie. We wanted to showcase a range of unique recipes using Chelsea Sugar, from simple, easy-to-make treats, to elaborate, unique creations, alongside beautiful imagery to inspire readers.

The recipe posts were shared over 14,000 times, driving 74% of the content reach. This was a result of viewers engaging with the recipes and feeling inspired to share the ideas with their own social circles. This level of engagement is the best reaction to content a brand could ask for.

Although we gained impressive results, the time period was only two weeks.  A campaign like this would benefit from four weeks on social media allowing time for it to be shared and found prior to the long weekend, thus achieving even greater results.


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