Edmonds Cake in A Cup

Case Studies

With a new flavour launch and Winter in full force, Bloggers Club was tasked to drive awareness of the new Edmonds Cake in a Cup – Vanilla Chocolate Chip, aligning the product with a strong message of comfort.

Our Approach

We worked with a team of 8 food and lifestyle influencers to put #CakeInACup in the front of minds of viewers, who connect it with feelings of comfort, convenience and indulgence.


With an objective to build brand awareness and create an emotional connection,Bloggers Club selected influencers who fit the attitudinal brief – with a mix of millennial influencers to appeal to university students, to busy mums looking for a quick dessert fix. The content was highly relatable and resonated with audiences, reaching over 650k people on Facebook alone and generating over 144k interactions – on average 4.5k reactions per social mention.


By creating an emotional alignment through authentic influencers, we achieved a strong interaction rate with heightened conversation around the launch. With over 144,000 social interactions of likes, comments and shares across social channels in a 4-week period, it’s fair to say Vanilla Choc Chip was flavour of the month.


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