BC.’s top three great intentions for 2017


Welcome to February, the month where it is no longer cool to say happy New Year and any great intentions designed in January have either become a stark reality or you’ve actually managed to sustain change – well done!

Here are BC.’s top three great intentions for 2017 regarding implementing change into the influencer marketing category;

Fight those who think the category is about reach – When we talk about the category being the emotional filler in your marketing strategy or connecting with consumers at that emotive level, we say it because that’s what the category is about. Sure numbers mean something, but a guy with 100k followers because he’s a semi celeb, versus the guy with 10k followers who responds to his audience and has awesome engagement? I’d say that over half of clients will still buy the 100k guy – but we will never stop advocating for engagement over reach!

Find more men! – More accurately we want to ensure marketers can use influencers to reach the hardest to reach of audiences, 18-24 males, but the accurate headline may have raised an eyebrow (or two!) Yes, we’ve got our VLDL guys with a huge 18-24 male audience but we have a feeling that the industry could do better and we’re working on it.

Diversification is the new black – Terrible headline, sorry. The point is good though, as many of our talent have hit diversification gold. Jay and Sarah with their cookbook, Jordan (How to DAD) with his t-shirt range, book and upcoming web series, The Style Insider’s Leonie with her Westfield Ambassadorship – more and more of our talent are starting to understand there is power in their brand and are successfully expanding beyond the social realm.

There is a challenge in managing these new needs – but an exciting one in that – as the channel, the asset, and the talent themselves become so much more than just reach – they can become an authentic part of the brand strategy which is essential for clients.

Good times ahead!

Also, give us a shout if Mother’s Day or Easter is creeping up on you and your missing that emotional connection to drive sales and conversion.

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