Kenwood kMix

Case Studies

How do you help future proof a brand and attract a new audience segment?

Our Approach

Bloggers Club worked with 7 influencers to create beautiful content that showed off what audiences can achieve at home with the Kenwood kMix range to inspire product purchase. The content highlighted the product features and benefits that make it the must-have kitchen accessory.


Both In Rhi’s Pantry and Baker Gatherer had total social engagement of over 2 times their respective follower numbers and their audiences responded incredibly well to the campaign content. Many of the Influencers, including The Style Insider and The Hungry Cook, loved working with Kenwood kMix so much that they created extra content, driving additional engagement and brand awareness.


All of the influencers were able to create beautiful content for this campaign, that inspired their audience to give it a go themselves. Showcasing the kMix product styled on kitchen bench tops and explaining how it is used in recipes helped consumers to visualize how the product could fit in with their lifestyles.

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