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Case Studies

How do you inspire customers to kick-start their gardening journey with New World’s Little Garden?

Our Approach

After the success of the previous year’s campaign, we took two tactical approaches featuring different influencers and playing to their strengths. Popular with parents, we had Happy Mum Happy Child and How to DAD show how gardening can be a great educational tool for children. Baking superstar The Caker would create beautiful cakes using what she grew from her Little Garden, engaging foodies and showing alternative uses for the plants from the garden.


The two videos by How to DAD generated over 2 million total video views and reach and received a shout-out from another top YouTuber, creating widespread awareness about New World’s Little Garden initiative. The strategic mix of influencers meant that they each shared their own unique gardening experience, creating genuine conversations about Little Garden. Using long-form blog content allowed other key messages – including the importance of flowers and bees to gardens – to be highlighted too.


Long form content was key in this campaign as it allowed the influencers to talk more about their unique experiences, reach over 1 million people and create the high engagement rate of 27%.


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