Sealord Frozen Salmon Launch

Case Studies

Bloggers Club worked with Sealord to drive awareness of their new salmon products – Salmon Fillets and Salmon Pieces.

Our Approach
Because Sealord needed shoppers to head to their supermarket’s frozen department, not the fresh fish section, Sealord needed to introduce shoppers to this new product at the point of meal inspiration, not point of purchase. Since today’s leading source of meal inspiration is food bloggers and online sources, we used five food influencers to create delicious yet amazingly easy and convenient meals featuring the product to tempt viewers to stock up their freezers.

After 1 week of digital activity, the unit target for Fillets was exceeded by 504% and 756% for Pieces. By week 2 the distribution targets were exceeded by 134% for Fillets and 142% for Pieces.  Targets continued to be exceeded every week for the 13 week build. Bloggers Club influencers produced 19 social mentions across Facebook which were each seen on average by 15k New Zealand household shoppers.

Sealord showcased the influencer creations across their own social channels, gaining higher reach and engagement than the brand’s own content.  This social activity led to the highest coupon conversion rate of 7.1% for the Sealord brand.

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